Additives for Greases & Metalworking Fluids

Metal Processing and Grease Additives

Lockhart chemical manufactures a wide range of metalworking fluid and grease additives in addition to corrosion inhibitors and rust preventives. These additives are used in Lockhart’s own EZ Mulz™ emulsifiers.
  • Description
  • 2:1 Modified coco diethanolamide
  • 2:1 DEA / TOFA alkanolamide
  • 2:1 DIPA/TOFA alkanolamide
  • 2:1 modified primaryamine alkanolamide
  • DIPA alkanolamide from naturally derived fats
  • Unique 1:1 amide from DIPA and a high oleic acid
  • High molecular weight polymeric ester
  • Lubricity agent and multifunctional additive HLB 12.5
  • Lubricity agent and multifunctional additive HLB 3.0
  • Very long chain chlorinated olefin
  • Biocide synergist and odor control agent for soluble oils with sulfonate emulsifier
  • Calcium Grease Base