Rust Prevention Additives & Corrosion Inhibitors

Rust Prevention Additives and Corrosion Inhibitors

Using its leadership position in oxidates, sulfonates and proprietary chemistry, Lockhart has developed a wide range of high performance rust preventives and corrosion inhibitors. Our surface protection laboratory offers comparative testing in ASTM tests for corrosion and rust protection including stability, salt spray, humidity, stack/stain, demulsification and dewatering and corrosion.

Water Displacing Rust Preventive – Calcium Sulfonate Based

  • Description
  • Premium  thin film, calcium based  RP, quick demulsification
  • Premium  thin film, calcium based  RP, soluble in a wide variety of oils and solvents
  • Low odor/light color, soluble in oils and solvents

Water Displacing Rust Preventives – Barium Sulfonate Based

  • Description
  • New Premium thin-film barium based.
  • Long history of use barium based rust preventive
  • Acid atmosphere rust preventive

Water Emulsifiable Preventives

  • Description
  • Water emulsifiable rust preventive
  • Barium free water emulsifiable rust preventive
  • Water emulsifiable rust preventive

Counter Rust™  Water Based Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Description
  • Cost effective, low treat rate corrosion inhibitor for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Prevents aluminum staining up to pH 9.5
  • Prevent rust up to six months indoors
  • Highly concentrated corrosion inhibitor with 7% boron
  • Primary amine corrosion inhibitor for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.