Sodium Sulfonates

Sodium Sulfonates

Since 1982 Lockhart Chemical has been the global leader in natural sodium sulfonates. Lockhart natural sodium sulfonates are available in a wide range of average molecular weights. Natural sodium sulfonates have the advantage of a wider molecular weight distribution than synthetic sulfonates allowing for the best balance in desired corrosion inhibition and ease of emulsification.

EZ-Mulz™ Natural Sodium Sulfonates

  • Average Molecular weight
  • 430


  • 465


  • 475


  • 520


  • Description 
  • Low molecular weight natural sodium sulfonate where ease of emulsification is most important
  • Bi-Modal natural sodium sulfonate for easy emulsification and excellent corrosion protection  
  • Industry standard natural sodium sulfonate provides excellent corrosion protection  
  • High Molecular weight natural sodium sulfonate for maximum corrosion protection
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