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Performance Additives for better surface protection, including Sulfonates, Emulsifers, Rust Prevention Additives, Corrosion Inhibitors and Additives for Metalworking Fluids and Greases in one place

The mission of Lockhart Chemical Company is to provide chemical products and technical services that will extend the life and enhance the performance of equipment, processes and products.

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Mr. Charles Lockhart

Lockhart Chemical Company roots go back to the late 1800’s when Charles Lockhart entered Pennsylvania’s oil industry. After nearly a century in the steel and aluminum business, in 1982, The Lockhart Company purchased a 13 acre chemical manufacturing site in Michigan which became Lockhart Chemical Company. Today, Lockhart manufactures and globally markets a wide range of additives for formulating rust preventives, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifier packages and other processing additives for metalworking and greases.


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Chlorinated Paraffin

Lockhart Chemical Company’s diversified portfolio of chlorinated paraffin are designed to function in a wide range of industrial applications and operational conditions within the lubricant industry.

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Sodium Sulfonates

Since 1982 Lockhart Chemical has been the global leader in natural sodium sulfonates. Lockhart natural sodium sulfonates are available in a wide range of average molecular weights.

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Base Oil Emulsifier Packages

Lockhart Chemical Company is a producer of effective base oil emulsifier packages for functional fluids. Emulsifier packages can often provide cost savings and flexibility in formulation of soluble of metalworking fluids.

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Additives for Metal Working

Lockhart Chemical manufactures a wide range of metalworking fluid additives including amides, co-emulsifiers, lubricity and extreme pressure additives. These additives are all manufactured at Lockhart’s Flint, Michigan facility and are ready for delivery.

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Rust Prevention Additives And Corrosion Inhibitors

Lockhart Chemical offers a broad range of Counter Rust rust preventive packages based on oxidates, oxidate esters and waxes, sulfonates and other additives.

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Our Plant

With ample raw material storage and logistics capabilities, a variety of reactors, blend tanks and mixers/dispersers up to 9,000 gallons coupled with the central US location, Lockhart Chemical is the preferred choice for contract manufacturing.

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Offers a comprehensive product portfolio of industrial and specialty chemicals and ingredients.

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About Lockhart

For many years now, Lockhart has been a leader in manufactured additives which provide superior surface protection solutions for formulators of functional fluids and coatings. Even prior to joining this space, Lockhart has had a storied history.

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Lockhart is proud to partner with a small number of authorized distributors whom assist in promoting our products globally.

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Lockhart is proud to partner with the below distributors whom assist in promoting our products globally.